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SM 101

Are you a theatre student who is interested in Stage Management?

Or just interested in learning more about the intricacies of

working backstage in the theatre?

Come and join us on Stage Management 101

Come and join us on Stage Management 101

containing International content & CallQ

This ten session course takes you through all of the basics you need to know to work in stage management. Using the UK system as its basis but with some international additions you will learn about running rehearsals, working with props, creating your prompt copy and opening the show as an ASM, DSM and SM

The course runs fully online so you can work at your own pace

supported by one to one tutorials throughout

Pay over two instalments with these 4 simple steps

Email us here for this option

You will receive two equal invoices of £400

On receipt of each payment the course

will be released to you in two parts 

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3rd June 2024
1st July 2024
5th August 2024

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Limited availability !!!

SM musicals & opera
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Stage Managing Musicals and Opera

'so much more than just score reading'

 for those

If you can read music already then great

If not now is your chance to learn more


There are 7 sections to the course for you to work through and also

contains 2 tutorials, plus an optional cueing test.

Perfect if you would like to try out your new skills in a safe environment

The course commitment is between

4 and 6 weeks

part time and in your own time

  • background to the two arts forms

  • how to lay out your calling script

  • as well as cueing practice

  • how to follow a score

production process;

at each stage of the


On this course you will learn the differences involved

in working on musicals and opera

who already have some

stage management experience

This is an intermediate level course

What is SM

What is Stage Management

and is it

the career for you?

Come and join us for a personal  60 minute Video call

on all things Stage Management

taking you through the job roles and production process

This interactive session is designed for those with little or no knowledge about

the role of the Stage Management department in theatre

It is an ideal introduction for all that have a passion for theatre

either as a leisure time activity or are thinking about a career in

the Stage Management profession

Contact us to register your interest and to arrange a time and date

Sessions are available at a time to suit you


as a School or Group Package

Contact us for more details and to arrange a date

Intro Prod Process

Any day

could be your starting day!

Introduction to the Production Process


how to get your show on smoothly!

This is a short course designed for those who want to know more about how to stage a production

In 4 sessions we will take you through the key job roles required

and a step by step guide for mounting your show including:

how to create a schedule


basic health and safety

There are 3 sessions available online and one personal video call

This course is designed for people who are just starting out on their theatrical journey or would simply like to know more about staging a smooth running show.

Full Syllabi

Can you help?

Beyond the courses that are on the website now,

what other courses should we be looking at developing?

Please let us know if you have any specific ideas.

We would love to chat to you about them as we are here

to provide what is actually needed

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