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Ever wondered what the Stage Manager is really thinking?

In conversation Antonia Collins The Bamboo Manager Project


Jacqui George from Sharjah Performing Arts Academy

Join them as they discuss with guests what really matters.

Resilience, hierarchy, burnout and all those topics that never get aired.

Season Two


#05  Optimism and Hope:

        the unedited version!

1st January 2021 (27 min)

Join Jacqui and Antonia as they catch up on their year and what they are grateful for personally and professionally. Topics include podcasts, elections, family, resilience and our amazing stage management community.  

Optimism and Hope
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#04  Special Guest Gail Pallin

6th December 2020 (.  min)

This episode we have a very special guest,

Gail Pallin, author of one of the best stage management books ever! We chat about how the book came about, all things stage management and Gail’s latest project CallQ.

#03 Event Life

17th November 2020 (.  min)

Join us as we chat with Gareth Hulance from

Cue 2 Cue and discuss Events and the shift into it for Stage Managers, the main differences and similarities.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

#02   Do Stage Managers need a                 'work' moral compass?

24th October 2020 (22 min)

This time join Jacqui and Antonia as they start by talking about ethics and morals in work, move into bullying and sexual harassment and end up with creating safe spaces. And learn why it's always all about the poster!

#01   Stage Managing Online

27th September 2020 (22 min)

Eavesdrop into our Zoom chat about:-

The pros and cons of working online

Are things different? What’s lost?

And is anything gained?

In our first episode of Season 2 we explore the trials and tribulations of Stage Managing online.

Stage Managing Online
00:00 / 21:32


16th September 2020 (95 sec)

Jacqui and Antonia share with us the topics and future guests in season Two of "Standby Please"

Season One



9th April 2020 (45 sec)

A 'very' little insight into our discussion

00:00 / 00:45

#01   Resilience

16th April 2020 (25 min)

In this pilot episode Jacqui & Antonia

discuss what is resilience

and how do we build it?

00:00 / 24:46

#02  Respect & Hierarchy

3rd May 2020 (25 min)

In this episode, we discuss respect and hierarchy and its place in the rehearsal room and production. In discussion with our guest Bruce Guthrie,

Director - U.K. & The Head of Theatre and Film, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai

Respect & Hierarchy
00:00 / 25:23

#03  Thoughts on Covid 19

25th May 2020  (25min)

What will it mean for Stage Managers?

Dressing rooms, meet and greets

what are the new rules?

In this episode we discuss the hug police and more…

Thoughts on Covid 19
00:00 / 25:16

#04  Community

8th June 2020 (29min)

In this episode, we discuss all things community and the role a union has to play with Simon Curtis, Equity’s National and Regional Organiser for Wales and South West England.

00:00 / 29:04

#05  Perfectionism

22nd June 2020 (27min)

Self-confessed recovering perfectionist

Antonia and Jacqui discuss the pros and cons

of striving for perfection in Stage Management

00:00 / 27:27

#06  Life After Stage Management

13th July 2020 (32 min)

Jacqui, Antonia and Barbara Eifler chat about where your SM skills can take you. Join us for an informal conversation about the value of SM skills, achieving a work/life balance and the stage manager's guide to parenting.

Life After Stage Management
00:00 / 32:00

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