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Ever wondered what the Stage Manager is really thinking?

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Jacqui George - Sharjah Performing Arts Academy  and Antonia Collins - The Bamboo Manager Project

Join them as they discuss with guests what really matters

Resilience, hierarchy, burnout and all those topics that never get aired

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Stage Management


This isn't exactly a 'stop’

but it is certainly a ‘hold’ for now. 

Thank you for listening. We hope you have enjoyed these podcasts as much as we did making them.

9th October 2022 (35 min)


Join Jacqui and Antonia one last time on the eve of International Stage Management Day

to talk about the best bits (and some of the challenges) of working overseas.

We also have a trip down memory lane discussing why we started this podcast and picking out some of our favourite episodes.

International Stage Man...
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Video scheduled December '22


#02   How Do We Define Success?

14th May 2022 (22 min)

Join us as we talk about how do we define success?

Small scale, large scale, one person SM team or a ten person SM team? Does it really matter? We talk about what makes us feel successful and how success works for us. Bear with us as the recording is a little bit glitchy in parts (there are subtitles though) but that’s what comes of recording a podcast 4560 miles apart!

How Do We Define Success_ Amp
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#01   Is the reset better?

11th April 2022 (25 min)

We have so much to catch up on in the first episode of Season 4. There’s been lots of talk, but now we need to see action. So, who do we include and who do we exclude in our empathetic practice, equity and inclusion, USITT, 4-day working weeks, changing industry and lots more covered.

Is the reset better?
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#05   Health (Physical and Mental)

19th July 2021 (38 min)

Join us for our final episode this season where we chat to Ryan Evans, Physical and Mental Health Coach of 121 Motivation. As an ex-stage manager Ryan has a unique insight into the pressures of the stage manager role. Together we talk through things that have worked (or not) for us in the past as well as some fun exercises you can do anywhere.

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If you wish to view this video in Two Parts

The 2nd chapter starts at 24min 33 sec

#04   Wellbeing with Lou Platt

26th June 2021 (44 min)

In this episode, we chat to Lou Platt from Artist Wellbeing about her work and how the role of Stage Management fits into Company Wellbeing.

From what is your ventral vagal anchor to practical tips to embed wellbeing in the studio.

Lots to discuss in this one, so we left the tape running,

This episode is presented in Two Parts

Wellbeing Pt 1
00:00 / 24:34
Wellbeing Pt 2
00:00 / 20:10

#03   A Stage Manager's Kit

31st May 2021 (25 min)

A slightly different episode from us this week as we decided to have some fun discussing our top 5 bits of Stage Management kit. Obviously, the company should always provide anything you need to do your job but join us as we get down to the nitty gritty of things we just really like to have with us.  It’s clear from the beginning of this episode that we have very different choices of kit and in the end it's not about Mac v Android but it is all about the choice of chocolate…

A Stage Manager's Kit
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Season Three


#01   Kindnes‪s‬

12th April 2021 (27 min)

What does kindness mean to stage managers and how can we demonstrate kindness whilst keeping the production on track? Can we be kind whilst making theatre?

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Season 3 Trailer

29th March 2021 (94 sec)

And we are back! Join Jacqui and Antonia once more as they chat about all things Stage Management.


This season topics include the value of kindness, the importance of boundaries and what to do when you doubt yourself. There will be lots of advice, tips and plenty of laughter.

Season 3 Trailer
00:00 / 01:28

#02   Boundaries

4th May 2021 (25 min)

Antonia has got more questions about boundaries and Jacqui tries to help her answer them!

Join us as we talk about work and personal boundaries. Why do stage managers feel the urge to ‘go the extra mile’ on every occasion? Why do people feel the urge to ‘reply all’ at 10 pm at night and why the ‘old’ ways had some advantages for keeping boundaries in place.

00:00 / 25:18

Season Two


#05  Optimism and Hope:

        the unedited version!

1st January 2021 (27 min)

Happy 2021 to all of our family

Join Jacqui and Antonia as they catch up on their year and what they are grateful for personally and professionally. Topics include podcasts, elections, family, resilience and our amazing stage management community.  

Optimism and Hope
00:00 / 27:41

#04  Special Guest Gail Pallin

6th December 2020 (32 min)

This episode we have a very special guest,

Gail Pallin, author of one of the best stage management books ever! We chat about how the book came about, all things stage management and Gail’s latest project CallQ.

Special Guest Gail Pallin
00:00 / 32:36