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Whether it is in International Education, Stage Management, Being the Manager you want to be!

Conference and Webinar engagements can be tailored to your needs.

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Cult Cymru

December 2020  -


Workshops on CVs and Interview Techniques

We Make Events Cymru


December 2020  -



November 2020  -

Panel member

May 2020  -

Panel member


UK vs US Stage Management

Technology for Stage Managers     

April 2020  -

Panel member

Webinar re - CallQ

March 2019  -       USITT Louisville USA
Product Trainer    ETC
March 2018  - USITT Fort Lauderdale USA

Speaker        - Body Language



March 2014  - USITT Fort Worth USA

Co-Chair       - Why not How Stage Management


June 2013     - ABTT Theatre Show London UK

Speaker         - International Stage Management

March 2013   - USITT Milwaukee USA

Chair             - International Management

March 2012  - USITT Long Beach California USA



Feb 2012      - Stage Management Association     

                        Conference London UK

Speaker        - Life After Stage Management

Sept 2011     - PLASA London UK

Speaker        - UK v US Stage Management

June 2010     - International Theatre Conference

                         London UK

Speaker        - SM Control Systems

                         Engineering & Architecture

March 2010   -  USITT Kansas USA

Speaker        -  New Technologies

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Mentor for the SM
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