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6th September '21

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Stage Managing Musicals and Opera

(more than just score reading)

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2nd August '21

6th September '21


Stage Managing Musicals and Opera (1).pn
What is Stage Management? The Bamboo Manager Project

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What is Stage Management?

Introduction to the Production Process


A Stage Manager podcast


Online stage Management Course
Stage Management distance learning


from Sharjah Performing Arts Academy



The Bamboo Manager Project

Ever wondered what the Stage Manager is really thinking?

In conversation, Antonia Collins and Jacqui George discuss

what really matters with their guests.

Resilience, hierarchy, burnout and all those topics that

never get aired

Season Three

is here now

All episodes available

now with  Closed Captions

in our Standby Please

Archive   here

Stage Management 101. The Bamboo Manager Project
 Being the Manager you want to be. The Bamboo Manager Project.
Introduction to the Production Process The Bamboo Manager Project

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