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Student - Hong Kong

Stage Management 101

I highly recommend The Bamboo Manager Project courses to anyone in the early phases of their stage management career or those who are interested in developing a well-rounded understanding of theatre and live entertainment. SM101, in particular, is perfect for those who have some knowledge and experience in theatre and are seeking opportunities for development, but may not be able to attend formal drama school.

I look forward to applying and honing the skills I’ve learned in this course, and I’m standing by for upcoming new courses!

Thank you, Bamboo Manager Family!

Student - Hong Kong

Stage Management 101

I loved taking Stage Management 101 with Antonia!

The online format was convenient and flexible; I could learn at my own pace, choosing to spend more or less time on each topic depending on my own existing knowledge. The course material, activities, self-reflection and supporting videos were unique, contemporary, engaging and most of all, fun!

Personally, I enjoyed delving into the role of the DSM; learning about paperwork, processes, creating the prompt script and practising my show calling skills virtually through CallQ Trainer.

The highlight of the course was our 1-on-1 video call sessions.

I felt my learning experience was highly personalised, prioritized, and therefore invaluable.

Antonia herself is a wonderful teacher. I loved our discussions, her insight and advice. Her extensive expertise and industry knowledge, in addition to her zest and positive energy, have inspired, motivated and made me more passionate about stage management than ever.

Student - Singapore

Stage Management 101

The content provided is comprehensive yet well-paced and easy to understand. I appreciate the amount of resources and tools provided as well.

Student - Australia

Stage Management 101

This course was super informative and helped me understand on a deeper level how to be a great stage manager and everything involved in doing so. I really enjoyed the zoom calls with Antonia where we could chat everything stage management and theatre. They were really informative and fun sessions!

Antonia is a great teacher and knows what she's talking about. She is excellent in making stage management and the way you learn about it fun and easy to understand!

Student - Netherlands

Stage Management 101

I enjoy all the course because I learn all the base to start with this career. Also Antonia is a passionate person about her job and that's the most important point, how she teach you. I think you can be good and with a good instructor you can be brilliant.


Thank you Antonia.

I would love to join this profession for all my life . I am just so grateful wih Antonia.

Student - International

Stage Management 101

I'm so happy about this course. I really wanted to do it and this opportunity has adjusted to my expectations.

Antonia, you are a really good teacher. Keeped me motivated and interested. You've been always available and ready to help.

I'd like to start a job as ASM but in the future I could come back and study another course for developing my skills.

Student - Portugal

Management 101: Being the manager you want to be

Made me think more seriously about management and the importance of thinking about it in the creative industry.

It is really inspiring to learn from someone with an interesting and valuable history and, especially, updated!

I will definitely continue to learn at this wonderful online school!

Student - UK

Stage Management 101

It's easy to follow and dynamic.

And it covers all the areas so you end up with a whole idea about what it is to be a SM.

Student - UK

Introduction to the Production Process

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, it provided excellent insights into basic production management, and it was wonderful to be able to also talk to someone in a dedicated session. Highly recommend

 Bruce Guthrie  Director - U.K. & The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai

I first met Antonia when she was teaching at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. We recently worked together on a production of City of Angels at the Royal Academy of Music with the graduating 2018/9 MA Musical Theatre students.

She is a tremendous stage manager who is passionate about the work on and off stage. She loves a challenge and is uniquely gifted when it comes to motivating and supporting her team.

Her enthusiasm for training young stage managers sets her apart from others. Her ability to problem solve, nurture and support whilst driving a rehearsal room and technical rehearsal forward make her a dream for a director to work with.

She cares about every detail and takes pride in perfection. The fact that she has so much experience in every department of stage, company and event management is a huge bonus, but it is her ability to articulate and demonstrate the attribute required to do these jobs well that makes her a superb mentor and teacher.


I have worked with many people who have trained under Antonia and you can tell by the way they go about their business that they have been trained by her. She supports and maintains a relationship with them long after they have moved on or have been working in the business. She helps them to be better at their jobs but she also helps them be better people too.

She would always be my first choice to work with. 


BA Student - U.S.A.

I was very lucky to have had Antonia as a professor at Florida State University.

Her extensive amount of professional experience and love for stage management makes her an amazing professor. Not only does she teach the technical and organizational skills needed for stage management, but she gives students the opportunity to reflect and grow as a SM emphasizing the question -  

What kind of Stage Manager do you want to be?

 Graduate Director - U.S.A.

Antonia’s work with students develops their skills as confident managers, assists them in creating a collaborative approach to the rehearsal process, and helps them to hone their skills as valuable members of a production’s leadership

BA Student - U.S.A.

Antonia Collins has been an incredible teacher, mentor, and stage management advisor.

She helped me become a more efficient stage manager in regard to sending emails, filling out rehearsal and incident reports, and my communications with directors, designers, etc.

Antonia also helped me grow to be a more confident and assertive stage manager.

I am so grateful for all of her guidance and advice!

 Graduate Director - U.S.A.

Antonia truly embodies “servant leadership.” She sets a calm, capable, and confident tone in any room and leads her students by example.

Antonia knows when to let go and allow her students to take the helm and when guidance would better serve their learning processes

 BA Student- U.S.A.

Antonia is truly a human and instructor that goes above and beyond to serve every student individually and earnestly. She is knowledgeable in many technical aspects of stage management and also teaches techniques on how to be an efficient and healthy leader. She will foster and ensure your success in whatever way serves your goals. If you want to learn how to be the best and from the best, I recommend this to anyone!

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