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The Learning Zone

Are you a theatre student who is interested in Stage Management?

Or just interested in learning more about the intricacies of working backstage in the theatre?


Come and join us on Stage Management 101 the British Version

This 10 session course will take you through all the basics of stage managing in the UK system from starting as an Assistant Stage Manager to calling the show as a Deputy Stage Manager through to the responsibilities of the stage manager.

The course will run asynchronously fully online with opportunities for synchronous tutorials as well.

If sold out, please check on the Diary of Events page for the next release date & time.

This can be found under 'Mao Jue services'

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What is Stage Management and is it the career for you?

Come and join Antonia for a LIVE  Skype session (60 minutes) on all things Stage Management taking you through the job roles and production process

This session is designed for those with little or no knowledge about the role of the Stage Management department in theatre. It is an ideal introduction for all that have a passion for theatre either as a leisure time activity or are thinking about a career in the Stage Management profession.  

Sessions will be available each month from Jan 2020

If sold out, please check on the Diary of Events page for the next session date & time.

This can be found under 'Mao Jue services'

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Introduction to the Production Process


how to get your show on smoothly!

This is a short course designed for those who want to know more about how to stage a production. In 4 sessions we will take you through the key job roles required and a step by step guide for mounting your show including:

There are 3 sessions available online and one group Skype session


This course is designed for people who are just starting out on their theatrical journey or would simply like to know more about staging a smooth running show.

Rolling start dates available from Spring 2020

how to create a schedule


basic health and safety

Are you a young manager looking to develop

your management skills?

Come and join us & Become the manager you want to be -

a four session course


Built around 20 years of experience teaching Stage Management at some of the world’s leading drama schools Antonia will take you through the basics of recognising your own managerial strengths and how you want to develop as a manager.

Antonia's method centres around a personalised plan for you allowing you to:

Become the manager you want to be

If sold out, please check on the Diary of Events page for the next release date & time.

This can be found under 'Mao Jue services'

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Also In Rehearsal

Based on the British version

This course follows the American Stage Management Model

Q. Why are there different versions of 'Stage Management 101'?

A.  Different terms are used around the world but with the same meaning...

So that is why we have created the British version which uses the British system & the American version which uses the American system.

Stage Management 101 - the American Version

Check back for our Launch date

and more detail

Being a DSM

This course is ideal for those wishing to step up to the role of DSM or a refresher if you have been out of stage management for a while. We will cover all the basics of rehearsals, tech and running the show as well as practical cueing exercises.

Check back for our Launch date

Advanced Stage Management

This is the follow-on course from Stage Management 101 where we will develop our stage management skills into different genres of the entertainment industry including working on musicals, opera, dance and live events. We will cover what needs to be considered when working with singers and dancers as well as cueing from a score. In addition, we will investigate the different contracts available for stage managers and the challenges of touring both in your home country and abroad.

Check back for our Launch date

Summer 2020


We also need your help!

Beyond the courses that are on the website now,

what other courses should we be looking at developing?

Please let us know if you have any specific ideas.

We would love to chat to you about them as we are here

to provide what is actually needed

"Let's Talk"

If you would like an online

‘One to One’ Session

Via Skype

Maybe to talk about:

  • A more in-depth look at the subjects covered

        within the Courses offered

 or something else

  • You would like to discuss a management situation

  • Or simply - you still can’t make a cup of tea

Contact us using

for a session time & date

which would best suit you.

Please note:

As this is an educational service

it does carry a cost implication


may require further contact details

for twenty people at the same time

  (as it is not covered in any of our courses)


Bring some Bamboo Manager

to your

Institution & Faculty

Students and staff alike, enjoy the freshness that a guest can bring

to your learning enviroment.

The Bamboo Manager has been presented in institutions, worldwide including:


Beijing, Florida, Hong Kong & London

Stage Management techniques

Management in the creative work place

Score Reading for - Theatre and Opera

Sessions can be tailored to suit the inspiration or training that you would like us to provide

"Does it need to be an institute?"  I hear you ask ...... 

The simple answer is NO!

We can bring your bespoke tuition to you - Anywhere



In 2009 began a collaboration with GDS that would lead to the development of their SM console and cue lights - CueSystem.


Over a period of 9 months Antonia offered advice and support and regularly gave training of the products to Stage Managers and Theatre Consultants.


Cue System is now produced by ETC in America and installed in venues across the world.

Antonia continues to work with ETC on developing the system concentrating on the needs of the end user.



Whether it is in International Education, Stage Management, Being the Manager you want to be!

Conference engagements can be tailored to your needs.

or a

subject covered in any of our online courses.

Photo: Felix Chan

Antonia Collins
Co Chair

-  International Management


-  Why not How Stage Management


-  Body Language

-  International Stage Management

-  Life After Stage Management

-  New Technologies

-  SM Control Systems

   Engineering & Architecture

-  UK v US Stage Management

Conference Credits

March 2019  - USITT Louisville USA
Product Trainer ETC
March 2018  - USITT Fort Lauderdale USA

Speaker        - Body Language


March 2014  - USITT Fort Worth USA

Co-Chair       - Why not How Stage Management

June 2013     - ABTT Theatre Show London UK

Speaker         - International Stage Management

March 2013   - USITT Milwaukee USA

Chair             - International Management

March 2012  -


Feb 2012      - 


Speaker        - Life After Stage Management

Sept 2011     - PLASA London UK

Speaker        - UK v US Stage Management

June 2010     - International Theatre Conference

                       London UK

Speaker        - SM Control Systems

                        Engineering & Architecture

March 2010   - USITT Kansas USA

Speaker        - New Technologies

USITT Long Beach

California USA

Conference London UK

Stage Management Association 

Mentor for the SM Mentor Program 

Mentor for the SM Mentor Program 

Mentor for the SM Mentor Program 





Photo: Betina Skovbro

Antonia can offer you techniques and guidance

to improve the experience


all involved in

International Education

Having taught in a wide variety of countries Antonia is the ideal person to offer you

advise on any of your international educational queries.


  • Workshops for faculty on teaching international students and the challenges that can bring


  • Coaching for students (and parents) who plan to study abroad looking at what to expect in the classroom and help to navigate the academic requirements of your chosen courses


  • Her specialism is working with students coming from Asia to study in an English speaking classroom and this was the subject of her masters thesis completed in 2019.



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Short Stage Manager course?


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