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10 weeks of Extra Course Time

Have you found that you have simply been too busy to complete the course and receive your certificate of completion?


Buy another 10 weeks here and complete the course.


10 weeks of Extra Course Time

SKU: add10weeks
  • This 'add on' must be purchased at least 15 days prior to the original course' end date - to be guaranteed and to be applicable with this products refund policy.

  • We at The Bamboo Manager Project understand that a simple ‘click’ maybe a simple mistake or your circumstances may have changed. We offer the required 14 day returns policy on our online products, sometimes known as ‘the cooling off period’.

    You have the right to request a refund if you do not enter into the extra time period that you have purchased.

    An administration fee of 20% will be charged in respect to this refund.


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