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Being a DSM

This course is ideal for those wishing to step up to the role of DSM or a refresher if you have been out of stage management for a while. We will cover all the basics of rehearsals, tech and running the show as well as practical cueing exercises.

Price - £250

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In Rehearsal

Based on the British version

This course follows the American Stage Management Model

Q.   Why are there different versions of 'Stage Management 101'?

A.   Different terms are used around the world but with

       the same meaning...

So that is why we have created the British version which uses the British system & the American version which uses the American system.

Stage Management 101 - the American Version

Price - £800

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and more detail


In Rehearsal

Price - £1,000

Advanced Stage Management

This is the follow-on course from Stage Management 101 where we will develop our stage management skills into different genres of the entertainment industry including working on musicals, opera, dance and live events. We will cover what needs to be considered when working with singers and dancers as well as cueing from a score. In addition, we will investigate the different contracts available for stage managers and the challenges of touring both in your home country and abroad.

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Summer 2020

Course information may be Subject to change prior to launch

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