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January 2020


The Stage is a British weekly newspaper and website covering the entertainment industry, and particularly theatre. It was founded in 1880. It contains news, reviews, opinion, features, and recruitment advertising, mainly directed at those who work in theatre and the performing arts. Wikipedia

December 2019


An Interview with Antonia Collins

Voice is a magazine and platform for young creatives covering arts, culture, politics and technology

October 2019

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Website Launch Video

This video explains how

the Bamboo Manager Project, its

Online Stage Management courses and other services came about. The first course, 'Stage Management - 101' is launching in November 2019.

August 2019

The Bamboo Manger Project, Antonia Collins, Video
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Antonia Collins welcomes you to

The Bamboo Manager Project, Antonia Collins, Video
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Stage Management online course - questions

The Bamboo Manager Project

and it's first Stage Management

online training course

Stage Management 101


British version

Antonia answers the top three questions

you have been asking about her

Stage Management 101 programme.