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UK and US


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How our courses work

Our courses all run fully online asynchronously with opportunities for synchronous tutorials as well.

What does that mean? 

Simply you learn using the materials presented step by step including any quizz or informal assesment style sections that are included as part of your course. You will be invited on some of our courses to contact us to take part in our next online tutorial session/s, this will be generated automatically once you have reached a certain stage within the course. These sessions are not compulsory but we would strongly suggest taking part in them.

What is the registration procedure?

First create an account and sign in. After you have signed up, select the course you wish to take & purchase your course. We will register your course and then contact you via the email address that you supplied to us This email will contain your unique ID and login details that you will need to sign into your course. 

On receipt, please check that the course stated is correct, we want you to start your journey with the right options.

This should reach you within 7days or less.


first check out our FAQ page here

get the opportunity to progress through

The Bamboo Manager Project

Those enrolled at

their course at the pace

that best works for them


You may start your course at anytime

once you have received your login details*

If you have a question about any of our courses

If you have a question that you can not find the answer to or would like to discuss any aspect of our courses please don't hesitate to contact us either through:

the contact form


via our Facebook page

We are happy to arrange a Skype call with you, that suits you!

* Check out 'Bamboo Manager's Diary of Events', for the next available course dates


The Bamboo Manager's Diary of Events

11th Nov '19

  TODAY !!!

Exhibiting @ TheatreCraft (London) - Launch date of:-

Stage Management - 101 (British Version)

Management 101 - Being the manager you want to be

Online Stage Management Courses

12th Nov '19

@ 12:00hrs GMT

Booking Open:-

Stage Management - 101 (British Version)


Booking Open:-

Management 101 - Being the manager you want to be

17th Nov '19

Wales Stage Management Networking Meeting

Wales Millennium Center, Cardiff

We will be there!

01st Dec '19

Course Start Date:-

Stage Management - 101 (British Version) Cohort #01


Course Start Date (Cohort #01):-

Management 101 - Being the manager you want to be

17th Dec '19

Time TBA

Course Call #01

Stage Management - 101 (British Version) Cohort #01

25th Dec '19

Happy Christmas

Happy Holidays


Launch date of:-

What is Stage Management?

Management 101 - Being the manager you want to be

Stage Management - 101 (American Version)

1st Jan '20

Happy New Year

25th Jan '20

Happy Chinese New Year

10th Feb '20

Course End Date:-

Stage Management - 101 (British Version) Cohort #01

TBA - 2020

Booking Open:-

Stage Management - 101 (British Version) Cohort #02


More courses in development including:-

Advanced Stage Management

Being a D.S.M.

*Subject to change


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